Online Advertising

Paid Search Marketing


PPC takes you beyond organic search results.
Keyword research along with reaching demographic targets, and even geographic locations can be tuned in. New patients searching for your general services or specific a dental service, will be shown your ad at the top of the search results page, and you only pay when a someone clicks through on your ad. We will attract the ideal qualified patient that works for your business.

Our PPC ads are strategically written we can run multiple ad options top optimize to move forward with the ads that work and make your campagn cost-effective.
Our experience in writing ads that conver, along with our campaign optimization techniques, will show measurable results. PPC and SEO can also compliment each other.
Contact us for consultation on a remarketing strategy.

Generate More Leads

Target by keyword. Search remarketing targets user audiences based on previous keyword searches they conducted on search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing. This strategy provides a great one-two punch by aligning your search engine marketing (SEM) and display advertising. We can also optimize ads towards previous visitors to your site, or service pages and serve ads to this specific group, even with customized ad text. There are many directions to go here. Contact us for consultation on a remarketing strategy.

Target Potential Patients And Reinforce Your Brand

Retargeting drives proven prospects back to your site. It precisely targets users who visit your site, spend time on a specific part of your site, or view/click your banner ads on another site. Contact us for consultation on a display ad retargeting strategy.