Dental Marketing Services

Dental Marketing Services for Your Dental Practice

The Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is where you want your dental clinic website to be, and we’ll help you get there, with our strategic dental marketing services. After all, this is where most searchers find a particular service, product or leads on information. If fact 75% of people now find what they’re looking for with a local or national Google Search. We offer, to provide a solution to get your dental practice website the result of a higher ranking in the search engine results.

Today’s best dental websites are carefully balanced with SEO (search engine optimization), a nurturing process which includes research and planning, tracking, and optimizations and with competitive efforts, you can see some lasting(regular) ROI results.

Planning for Natural Search Results

When your dental office is in need for a website redesign, consideration of mapping our content, wording, menus, navigational structure proper coding speed and formatting, and fresh content are just a few key items that Google will quickly scan and index.
We can perform a site audit to identify the current performance you’re your site, and work with you on a consultative (competitive) dental SEO strategy to achieve more traffic, which results in more inquiries, from your new professionally designed dental clinic website. We will analyze what your competition, and recommend an effective dental practice marketing strategy within your budget, to link new patients to your dental office.

Local Search Optimization

Google Local Search engine optimization, is another huge component of search. Local dental clinics are being mapped by Google and business listings are keyword matched selected and served to people searching for your service offering.

First you’ll need to get the basic Google business then will have to maintain your business service continuity throughout other local online publishers.

Find your dental practice website’s ranking go up substantially with natural organic local listings. Have a beautiful engaging site is one thing, but early design efforts will not be maximized if patients can’t find you.

It’s our job to get you a search optimized Page 1 ranking on the natural organic listing results of Google.
Want more info on dental seo marketing, and increasing patient volume?

Best User Experience Excels, capture your desired target audience

Your potential patients must be engaged, therefore your site absolutely should have clear, easy readable content. Website usability is one of our strong skills, and we have a strong record of having low bounce rates on our dental practice website projects. Content is of high value for your patients should be structured and categorized for easy access and this included the perfect implementation text copy, images, and feature headlines, relevant to your patients’ needs.

We understand Google and how they determine if and where your site should be shown in the search results. If your dental practice website has easy readable content and your reader is engages spending some time on each page, then Google will recognize your site’s pages as value content to rank higher serving your site higher in the Google search results listings.

Our focus remains on user experience. It still comes down to communicating with people.

Paid Search Marketing

If you’d like your marketing for your dental practice to go beyond organic search,
then we can offer marketing services such as a tactical Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, if you’re looking for more assisted growth. New patients looking for your services or specific dental service, will be shown your ad, and you only pay when a someone clicks through on your ad. We will attract the ideal qualified patient that works for your business.

Our PPC ads are strategically written we can run multiple ad options and find available competitive advantages to have your ad marketing message come up for relevant searches for your dental services.
We have experience in writing converting ads, campaign optimization techniques, and measuring results. PPC and SEO can work well complimenting each other, and influence Remarketing Campaigns.

Remarketing (Retargeting) for (Brand Awareness)

SEO and PPC Marketing techniques lure them to your site, but your target marketing doesn’t have to stop even if a visitor has left your site. You can continue to market your brand with display ads or dynamic ads of your services.

Track, Measure Metrics and Optimize
Measuring and optimizing is the fuel to boost ongoing marketing campaigns. Practice Pro will track and monitor your dental office website’s search engine rankings and campaign performance post launch. We’ll monitor your campaigns against your competitors, and offer monthly reporting and consulting for your marketing campaigns.

Let’s Keep Your Content Fresh (with Maintenance, and Site Nurturing)

Beyond the launch of your dental search marketing campaign we recommend keeping a living, breathing website, and nurturing it will fresh or updated content as Google now keeps track of content modifications on websites to ensure it serves the most up-to-date-content for current businesses.
Please ask to learn more about our dental seo services and how we can help your company increase its search rankings and increase your patient base.

Which of the above dental marketing services is right for your website and practice?

– Are you willing to follow search engine ethics and best practices?
– Can you write interesting content page content, with images?
– Can you be active on social media?
– Are you willing to learn more and work together to fit an SEO program to go along with your dental business?

– Would you like to invest funds toward monthly advertising?
– Would you like to target possible patients for a particular service?
– Would you like to work together with a marketing agency to manage PPC campaigns for you?

-Or would you like to target a geographic radius for your dental office?
Then you may be a candidate for Google Local services, to attract patients in your immediate area?
If you would like to know more about our dental marketing services and request a dental SEO consultation or additional info on web design. Contact us today to get started.